Creative project rough draft @filtered_vs_reality


For my Creative Project, I decided to create an instagram account that compares unfiltered photos with photos that were filtered/ photoshopped/ edited in some way to make the same object/ place/ person appear ‘more beautiful’.

For instance, I posted pictures I took at Disneyland with filters to make the picture more aesthetic and appear as if I spent the ‘best day of my life’ on ‘the happiest place on Earth’, when, in reality, the place was crammed with people and I spent hours of waiting in lines for rides.


This is highly relevant to my final paper in that it depicts the contrast between people’s perfect lives on social media and their unfiltered, imperfect lives. Through this project, I hope to gain insight on how people decide to depict themselves on social media and how that process (of choosing photos and editing them) affects their self-esteem.


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