Final Website Self-Assessment

During the course of making a new blog for my Digital Media and Culture class, I decided to rearrange my blog to make it easier for both me and my audience to read my blog and find content in the blog. Therefore, I created 3 menus in the menu widget, which categorizes my posts into three categories: Final Project, Research Paper, and Blog Assessments. I did not change the theme and color of my blog because I thought that a simple background would be the best design for reading posts on the blog.

I also updated my profile in the ‘Contact’ section, to introduce myself for people who do not know who I am.

At first, I imagined that making a blog would be a hard process because it is something I have never done before. However, after trying out the tools in ‘customize’ and writing posts on the blog, I have found out that the process of creating content on the internet was easier than I imagined.

In the future, if there is anything I want to share on the internet, I think I would post it on the blog. In addition, I would like to gain more audience by posting regularly with content that is helpful and interesting for the audience to read.


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